I had the pleasure of working as the History Consultant on the new series Back In Time for the Corner Shop. The series premieres on ABC TV and ABC iView Tuesday 7th March, 2023. 

Join me for a LIVE Sunday Session online with Libbi Gorr and some very special guests! Booking details are below.

”In this special event, much-loved radio and TV broadcaster Libbi Gorr, chats with illustrator, photographer, design teacher and unofficial milk bar historian Eamon Donnelly. Eamon has an unusual obsession with the humble Australian milk bar, having spent much of the last 15 years travelling around Australia documenting them. In 2018 he turned his archive into The Milk Bars Book — a time capsule of a vanishing suburban icon.
Join Libbi and Eamon for this warm and nostalgic trip down memory lane.

On Sunday 19 July 2020 at 3:00pm
Bookings via the link below



5/12/17: 3AW Melbourne
Interview about Milk Bars on Drive with Tom Elliot 3AW Melbourne: 

Smith Journal, Summer Edition.

Australia's most remote Milk Bar Bells Milk Bar Eamon Donnelly's trip in January 2017 made it to Southern Cross News and will be featured in the book.

The TODAY Show & 3AW Melbourne Nightline "Remember When" with Bruce Mansfield & Philip Brady.

Chris Johnston, The Age, 27th October, 2012: Read all about it here!
Kylar Loussikian, The Australian, September 20, 2014: Read all about it here!
    Noel Murphy, The Weekly Review, November 13th, 2014

    Herald Sun, 2016
    Geelong Advertiser, 2014

    ABC NEWS - 2016. Read all about it here!

    Barrier Daily Truth - Broken Hill, January 2017.

    "Milk Bar Memorial" Inside Art TV - Channel 31, 2012. View the video here.


    2013: Remember When 3AW Nightline Melbourne

    With Bruce Mansfield & Philip Brady talking Milk Bars.
    Listen here!